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Tijon Company, Inc.
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We use a proprietary blend of Tungsten carbide for our Premium Bolter Bits.   In 2011 and 2012, we ran our 1" and 1 3/8" Premium Bolter Bits against a world renowned  company with their comparable product...and won.   We beat them on product durability and cost.
Bolter Bits
Tijon Company, Inc.  started modestly producing bolter bits on location in 2006.  Thanks to our commitment to quality, reliability and our ability to use our purchasing power to keep costs low, we have quickly become an industry icon.   We currently have over 15,000 square feet of commercial space solely devoted to the production of our bolter bits.
What Makes Our Bolter Bits So Good???

       When our production line of  bolter bits is nearing completion,  we employ our 9 stage case hardening process. This process was developed exclusively by Tijon Company, Inc. associates, and is a highly guarded trade secret.   This process is what makes Tijon Company, Inc. brand of bolter bits the most durable/toughest bolter bit on the market today.

If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups, or prices, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
In order to keep your mine operation cost as low as possible, we have developed a line of 
re-manufactured bolter bits.  We are able to reduce your cost while providing you with our premium carbide cutting insert.  
(Sizes include 1",   1 1/32",   1 3/8",   1 1/2",  1 5/8")
We manufacture and stock square shank bolter bits.   (Sizes include those listed above)

We also stock the appropriate drill steels.
(Including starters, couplers, and finishers.)