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Tijon Company, Inc.
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About Tijon Company, Inc.
Tijon Company, Inc. was founded in 1976 by son and father, Tim and John Polovina.  They chose to combine their names to form the company name Tijon.  

In the beginning Tijon Company, Inc. was focused on supplying local mines with consumable goods.  In 1992, current owner and president, Dave Polovina, bought the company rights. 

Committed to continued excellence in dealing quality products and outstanding service, the business thrived.  In 2006, while looking for other business opportunities, Tijon Company, Inc. entered into the bolter bit production business.  As the first bit was produced, no one could  have imagined the success that would follow.

After doing business for over 35 years, Tijon Company, Inc. still holds true to the core values that have elevated the brand name to iconic proportions.  We continue to operate this business with an old fashioned commitment to customer service in a way that few companies still do.  

Tijon Company, Inc. looks forward to the bright future of this company while always maintaining  a quiet rememberance of what has brought us to this level of business.  Quality service, quality goods, quality value.

Worker on a Roof Bolting Machine
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